Graduates on Reception: Springboard Your Way to the Top

Very few people in the world know what they want to do and stick with it. People get to their eventual career in a variety of different ways, be it working their way to the top or transferring between roles. This blog is here to discuss the more-common-than-you-might-think route of becoming a receptionist to further your career.

An abundance of household names once started off in significantly less favourable jobs than they find themselves in now. Taylor Swift, for example, started off picking praying-mantis on a tree farm so that they wouldn’t go in people’s homes. Not quite a sell-out world tour is it. Marshall ‘Eminem’ Mathers began his early life working in a machinery factory and ended up becoming a voice of a generation. The point being, you never know where one job might lead.

One might think the role of a receptionist is mundane and monotonous, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As a receptionist, you are the face of the company. You dictate the first impressions of the company given to visitors, and people will more than likely remember your face. Meeting such a high quantity of people can result in the sharing of knowledge, perhaps increasing your chances of further employment. This role entails networking and therefore engaging with a variety of different people from different backgrounds, henceforth engaging in a plethora of career opportunities.

Moreover, whatever skillset you have, prepare for it to prosper as you develop an extensive knowledge of several fields, and learn new techniques and methods to better both yourself and your career. Gaining multiple skills that you didn’t even know you were capable of is one of the most rewarding parts of any job, and this happens in abundance when a receptionist!

In extension, money makes the world go around, and being a receptionist offers a very respectable wage, but not only that, payment comes in other forms. As well as the money, being a big part of the reason many people smile that day is a very fulfilling payment and one you would not get when working isolated by yourself. All the interactions with people can result in friendships too, so maybe you could take a friend out after work on payday!

Furthermore, this is just the start. Being a receptionist can act as your springboard to greatness, even though being a receptionist is pretty great! The options are limitless. Due to the range of skills you have developed as a receptionist, you will be perfectly suited to virtually anything that comes your way, especially compared to your friends. You will have an upper hand in interviews for other jobs as experience as a receptionist is highly sought after and you will have really honed your social skills liaising constantly with lots of different types. Whether you want to progress further in your current company or delve into another industry, being a receptionist could be the perfect start!

The advantages to becoming a receptionist are endless, just ask some of our famous friends! Sometimes you may doubt it, but the role of a receptionist is the perfect start of your trajectory to the top. Remember, Beyonce had to become a Worker Bee before she became Queen Bee!

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