The Do’s and Dont’s of the Office Christmas Party

Do attend – do not turn up your nose at an invitation the Christmas party, it is usually a fantastic way to mingle with everyone at your office while enjoying some great food and drink!

Don’t leave too early – Saying you have other plans or that you are tired can come off as rude and disrespectful to those who have organized the party! It is one night of the year so make the effort to stay as long as possible.

Alcohol – It’s a marathon not a sprint! Don’t drink too much too quickly, you don’t want to be known as the one who was on the floor at 9 o’clock, nor do you want to end up divulging your secrets to the office gossip.

Mingle – If you are in a big office make sure to speak to people you don’t often get to chat to, and learn about the different areas of the business. If you are in a small office make sure you don’t speak to the same person/ your favourite all night. Try and get in the spirit of Christmas and maybe talk to the shy bod – he may surprise you with interesting tales!

Dress accordingly – get glammed up and definitely make an effort but don’t wear something too provocative, just because it’s a party. Remember you are still technically at a work event and it’s important to still come across as professional.

Mind your manners! your host has spent money and time planning this party for you! So make sure you are polite and say thank you for a lovely time or send an email the following day. If you are at a large office party you will make an impression by seeking out the boss and saying thank you, manners open doors!


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