Useful Apps for Personal Assistants and Administrators

Calling all Personal Assistants and Administrators here are some great Apps for those of you who are always on the go!

Outlook App

For iPhone users this App is a lot more user friendly than iMail. You can see all of your inbox folders easily. And it has many more features, to name a few you can access and organise your calendar, put your out of office on, and sync with your LinkedIn account.

A fantastic to do list app that syncs to all of your devices. It proves very useful if you are on the bus and suddenly remember that thing you haven’t done. There’s no need to fumble around for a pen or panic if you have left your to do list somewhere! Just add it on to the app on your phone and it will immediately appear on your computer in the morning.

This App means you will always get to a meeting on time. If you are driving somewhere or grabbing a taxi the app will tell you the estimated time of arrival based on the current amount of traffic.

Focus Lock
If you use your phone a lot for work on the go it can be tempting to play some Candy Crush, check Facebook, Tweet, maybe post on Instagram. With this app you can stop yourself procrastinating and block the use of all those Apps for a chosen amount of time.

Unroll me
This app clears your inbox in minutes. Just swipe left to unsubscribe from email subscriptions you regret signing up to. Yay to no more junk mail!


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